fluffy yellow star


She was a simple caterpillar, living in the garden of a hotel restaurant. Her name? Fluffy Yellow Star. Aptly given by my six-year-old who discovered her in the bushes and took her on an incredible journey. We don’t really know if … Continue reading

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the swing


A small blue sign marked the turn off from the ocean hugging, sun-kissed highway on the coast of California. It is only a short 3-mile drive tightly turning around heavily flowered meadows and through deep groves of Californian redwoods. As the road straightened out, … Continue reading

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the color of love


Spring had arrived and what better way to welcome Spring than to participate in the color, love, and community of the annual Holi festival. Known as the festival of Colors, the day is ancient in origin and was meant to celebrate the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’. It … Continue reading

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everything she needed to know about kite flying she learned from charlie brown


You blockhead! I should have known. What kind of a person tries to fly a kite in the middle of winter? You will never get that kite to fly. Why? Because you’re Charlie Brown! – Lucy Van Pelt It was … Continue reading

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the popup


Today, we discovered a new kind of beauty, a new kind of interactive museum. Tucked away in two old warehouses, the Pace Art and Technology team created the Living Digital Space and Future Parks exhibition. A dual installation. The gallery offered one deeply … Continue reading

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the spa


Oh, what to do… what to do. I scratched my head and pondered what a little girl, who was turning eight, might want for a birthday party. Flashes of Rock Star, Glamping, and American Girl doll parties flew across my screen as … Continue reading

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the karate girls


It’s tournament day! We kick it off with the girls posing with their chief instructor, Master Pinpin. She is a fifth degree black belt and wonderful mentor for young girls in the sport. Both Ava and Mia adore her. Their … Continue reading

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