tiny dancers

Ballet and Tap, it’s a right of passage for little girls. Well, at least for my family it was. We all danced at some point in our childhoods. So, I was very excited to have the girls take dance as well!

Last year, I decided it was time for Ava to start with great hopes that she would love it as much as I did. Well, she loved the pink leotard with the sparkly skirt. the pretty white ballet slippers, and shiny black tap shoes.

But that was about as far as we got.

I ended up with a scared three-year old sitting on my lap for 2 months worth of Saturday mornings until we both decided it was time to call it quits. So, we shelved it and decided to let her tell us when she was ready.

Flash forward one year and it is the little one who wants to take dance. She’s 2. I’m nervous, but hey let’s give it the good ol’ college try! And like magic, she loved it from day one. She strutted around charming all the parents and teachers with her big personality. She will either conquer the stage and wow the crowd at her first recital or she’ll throw a huge tantrum and walk off the production because there are not enough pink m&ms in her dressing room!

This was an inspiration, for Ava. If little sister dances, then so should she!

Back to the store, new ballet slippers, new tap shoes, and a new pink leotard with a sparkly skirt.

I hold my breath.

And she loves it. What difference a year makes.

There are two videos attached. One from Mia’s first class and one from the class they took together. What’s most amusing about the videos is all the stuff the kids are doing that is NOT related to dance. They roll around on the floor, fall down, spin around, and even make up their own steps. Two words: PATIENT TEACHERS.

I can say with all honesty and enthusiasm, I cannot wait for their first recital.

And I love watching my tiny dancers….

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