kid art – beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I hate asking, but sometimes I have to because my kid’s picture, painting, Playdoh sculpture does not represent anything I have ever seen or heard of. However, I try to be judicious when inquiring. Inevitably, if I ask one of my daughters “What are you painting, drawing, sculpting?”  I hear “Mommy, this is “X”, you can’t tell?” Or in the case of my 2-year old, the picture remains a mystery because I’m not quite sure what she said.

And then I feel bad. Like I should have known the big yellow blob with small dots was a giraffe and not some brilliant scientific thesis about the sun and solar flares.

My mom recently gave me a packet of my art projects and school work, she had saved from my childhood. I had my own time machine and was able to travel back to being 7 again. Looking at pictures I colored from family vacations, reading about what I did over the weekend, and what I liked or didn’t like about the world. It was a thoughtful gift and I hope to give the same gift to Ava and Mia.

Right now I am busy archiving their art digitally. My hope is to design Ava and Mia art books and then keep a select portion of the actual projects for future armchair time machine travel.

In a nutshell, I love my kids’ artwork. A tiny snapshot into their creative souls. Something to be nurtured and cherished. It won’t be long before I can recognize everything they draw and the fun of guessing will no longer be needed.

I have included a few examples of both Ava’s and Mia’s art projects. Most are easy to figure out, but just for fun I included a few stinkers just to get you thinking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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