the pumpkin artists

It’s a sunny September morning and we’re off to Rinconada Park.

And what’s so special about this park on this particular day?

This park has been turned into a special kind of pumpkin patch. A great glass pumpkin patch.

Home to literally thousands of hand-made glass pumpkins. It is the largest glass pumpkin patch in all of California with more than 30 participating glass artisans.

There are rows upon rows of pumpkins rolling up and down the park’s grassy knolls.

A rainbow sweep of colors sparkling in the morning sunshine. The colors are bright, vibrant, eye-catching.

Big pumpkins. Small pumpkins. Pumpkins of every size in between.

Pumpkins so tiny they fit in Mia’s hand. Pumpkins so large they take both of my hands to hold.

And the stems. Delicate glass creations; curling whimsical twists and turns.

As sun shines through the pumpkins, they radiate with neon brightness.

At the entrance to the park, an artist demonstrates glass blowing to a small crowd. The work is deliberate, but delicate. Iron and fire. Glass in transformation. Glowing volcano orange as he guides the creation of shape and design.

We carefully wind our way up and down the rivers of pumpkins. Stopping to admire ones that interest us. The girls love all the pink ones. I love them all.

I pick up pumpkin after pumpkin. Appreciating the elegant craftsmanship of each one.

Then I find it. The pumpkin. It is cream wrapped in streaming gold ribbons.

And then I find another, it is deep burgundy with purple highlights.

I admire each one and as the light changes so does my perspective. Giving new insights to the unique beauty of each pumpkin.

I carefully place them in my green plastic basket; cushioning them softly in jackets of bubble wrap.

And what was a quiet uncrowded park just an hour ago, is now filled to the brim with other pumpkin enthusiasts.

We pay for our pumpkins. Knowing the proceeds support both the local artists as well as three other non-profit arts organizations. Buy a pumpkin and change the world. Even if it’s just a tiny bit!

In my opinion, one can never have enough good pumpkin karma!

And for those you who have read my blog on face painting; the face painters were ready and waiting for my children with their brushes, colorful paints, and imaginations.

Mia transformed into a kitty with a very pink nose. Ava metamorphosed into a sparkly butterfly wearing purple “lipstick.”

Another day, another lesson that the world is full of wondrous things.

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