if you believe in magic…

Well, I do. I do because my daughters believe.

And as the the wise old elf, Judy, from the “The Santa Clause” movie once said, “Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.”

Unicorns are the stuff of legends. They are symbols of virtue and strength. They can heal the sick and neutralize poisons.

But in my world, unicorns are also the center of a dream birthday party for one 3-year old I know.

So, I set out to do my best to make her birthday party a reality. And maybe, just maybe create a little magic along the way.

It was long before I discovered that you can rent a “unicorn.” In fact, you can rent just about anything if you know how to click a mouse (e.g. my past birthday parties; don’t ask). So very quickly, I was able to conjure a list of companies who specialize in such things. I called everyone on the list, but I only heard back from one. Just one.  I thought, did all the unicorns already have prior engagements? Are they on vacation? Busy painting rainbows or battling Voldemort?

Thank goodness for Terry from Friendly Pony Party. She had a unicorn available for Mia’s special day.

Mia invited 10 friends. She proudly handed out each invitation at school. Saying “Please come to my party, here is your “initation.” (not a spelling error; my best guess at spelling how she says it!)

On party day, we decorated with brightly colored tissue paper flowers, attached twirly curly swirls to the doorways, and draped the ceiling from front to back with a rainbow of streamers and balloons. More rainbow tissue flowers and multi-colored garland decorated the front yard to create a magical unicorn forest. And just to be safe, I sprinkled special unicorn glitter from the sidewalk to the front door just to make sure the unicorn could find our home.

IMG_6202 IMG_6218

And then there was the cake. I asked for a rainbow cake on the inside frosted with white buttercream and topped with a fondant unicorn. On the big day, my mom and I went to pick it up and we were surprised to find a bigger, brighter more colorful rainbow unicorn cake that anyone had ever expected. It was towering cake sparkling with edible glitter and on top was a giant rice crispy unicorn covered in fondant. Surprise and delight doesn’t even cover how I felt when I saw it for the first time.

It was so big, you could’t even see Mia behind it when we sang happy birthday to her. We had to put her on the table to blow the candles out. And then there was a whole other engineering discussion on how to best cut into this massive confection. These cake pieces were not going to fit on an average dessert plate.




As the countdown to party time began, Mia was one excited little girl. She had been talking about her party for two months. The anticipation was high. Excitement filling the house. Mia waited anxiously with her sister on the porch. Face and arms already painted by our amazing face painter, Lisa. Mia ran out to greet each of her guests with a warm hello as they arrived.


And then she arrived. Soft and white. Pink horn. Decorated in fluffy pink flowers, soft feathers, and festive ribbons. She’s perfect. Mia’s eyes were wide in amazement. Wonderment. Belief. Her unicorn had appeared. Promise made. Promise delivered. Little girl beyond happy.

IMG_6329 IMG_6338 IMG_6330


Now many folks would say I am crazy for hosting a party for twelve guests under the age of 5. But I am not totally convinced that our unicorn didn’t cast a charm over the party or if we didn’t create a little enchantment of our own. But each and everyone of our tiny guests behaved beautifully, waited patiently for their time on the unicorn, took turns getting their faces painted and balloon animals made. Smiles and giggles filled our home.

IMG_6395 IMG_6432



Finally the party wound down and the unicorn went home to wherever unicorns live. Our face painter packed up her supplies and hugged the birthday girl goodbye.

Tummies full of cake; tired from all the fun. Sleepy smiles and tight hugs as they were put to bed.

The house quieted down to a peaceful slumber, so I reflected on the day.

They are little for such a short period of time, it’s worth every bit of effort to create a some magic, even if it’s just for a short while.

And now with Ava’s birthday is right around the corner, I thought to myself,

“I’ve got this.”


2 thoughts on “if you believe in magic…

  1. Last year on 11-11-11 at 11:11am my daughter made a wish at school, and posted it on facebook. She didn’t know I was watching there. She wished for a unicorn, kinda silly huh? Not really if you believe, we all do in my family. So anyways I was determined to make sure her wish came true. So I started at one store, then another, and another no unicorns at all. Finally, last store I went to “Walmart” of all places, I thought for sure they would have all kinds of Unicorns, right? Nope, no where I searched every isle, nothing. Was there for over an hour, then very last isle all the way in the back of all of the other toys, I found it. One purple Unicorn 🙂 her favorite color too. I was over-joyed I could make her wish come true. She got home that day and was so happy when she seen on the table was “Her Purple Unicorn”. She told all her friends that her wish came true. That made my day to see the look in her eyes, her beautiful eyes. I try to make all her dreams come true, I Love You, Jasmine Matilda. Momma misses you so much, hopefully someday soon my wishes will come true. For you and your sister, Jamie Jean to be back where you both belong with your momma…..Life is not always fair, but the bad times and bad people make us STRONGER…… Love Always & Dream Forever….<3 Love Momma

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