gotta dance!

This week’s post is not so much about the writing as it is about about seeing one little girl’s love for dance. So, I’ll keep it short.

It was New Year’s Eve and we were attending my sister’s 50th birthday party.

Out in the center of the room, was a conveniently placed dance floor. It was this dance floor that Mia claimed for herself during dinner.

And in a room of more than 60 people, she began to dance. Dancing on her own with not a care in the world.

A little hip-hop, ballet, disco, and tap wrapped up into one interpretive dance she made up all by herself.

Confidence abounded. Creativity flowed out of her tiny hands and feet. Priceless expressions crossed over her face.

At the end of each song she ran off the dance floor, stood by the side, and waited patiently until the next song started before running back out.

Spontaneous cheering erupted from the crowd. She had captured their attention.

Each performance was just a little different from the last, fully dependent upon the type of music playing.

Spinning into dizziness. Clapping to the beat. Arm swirling. Hips swaying. Attempting to break dance (at least that is what I think it was).

She even threw in a princess walk.

This went on for several songs before it was time to take her off the dance floor because other festivities were about to begin.

And as we held hands and walked off her “stage”, she exclaimed in her little voice full of big passion,

“Momma, I gotta dance. I gotta dance!”

Knowing she’d have another opportunity later, I said, “I know you do, baby. I know you do.”

And on that thought, I’ll share her one-woman show with you.

P.S. My favorite moment is around the 3 minute mark, her moves there are the cutest ever!

3 thoughts on “gotta dance!

  1. I found you very much by accident, stumbling around the Freshly Pressed section… And I’m very glad I did πŸ™‚

    I felt a little addicted while reading your posts and your children seem just as beautiful inside as they are outside. You have given them some great values and you should be very proud.

    Hope you don’t mind me following from all the way over in Australia but your posts are so well written and the photos are stunning πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

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