color my world

Our home is stocked with an abundance of construction paper, sparkly stickers, gleaming gems, fuzzy felt swatches, sticky glue bottles, mounds of sequins, and gobs of glitter.

And all of it for my daughter, Ava.

She is a girl who lives in a constant state of creativity.

An artist who views the world through rainbows of stained glass. A world covered in glimmering mosaics.

She decorates her surroundings with shimmering jewels of loveliness.

She pours out piles of precious stones onto the craft table and examines each one carefully. Trying to find the perfect spot where it will be it’s most beautiful.

Outside of her general art projects, here is a list of things she has decorated recently.

Some willingly, some not.

  • stuffed animals
  • plastic animals
  • pens
  • Barbies
  • the dog
  • shoes
  • shirts
  • her bedroom walls and door
  • money
  • her face
  • my computer
  • flowers (real ones)
  • Mia
  • me

One time, I went downstairs and found Ava adorning her sister’s leg. A lovely temporary tattoo of stick-on jewels stuck in the middle of Mia’s calf. The design was deliberate and well thought out.  I wish I had taken a picture it.

The other day, I found this on my computer. A perfect fit for one of her jewels. How did she know?


Here is her door; loaded with hearts, glittery stickers, and more jewels.


Even the plastic turtle cannot escape her beautification.


I encourage the inner artist in Ava. It is so much of who she is.

The other day, I asked her why she decorated everything and she said, “I want to make the world more beautiful.”

My own diplomat for the arts.

An awe-inspiring mission indeed.


UPDATE: I just had to post one more picture. Ava bedazzled this flower with sequins this morning.


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