welcome spring

I love early spring.

Crisp sunny breezes blowing.

Green bursts of leaves, blooming bright flowers.

Tulips. Irises. Daffodils. Snowdrops.

Floral dresses. Cheery in design, yet pretty and delicate. My daughters twirl and dance in their new attire.

Holding their Easter baskets, ready for the egg hunt at our local park. Impatient excitement to see what the bunny has brought this year.

Giggles overflow as children run to fill their baskets. The simple joys of searching and finding hidden treasures.

Rainbow colored plastic eggs tucked behind bushes, carefully perched in trees, and strewn around the open field. Each filled with candy and toy surprises.

It does not take long to find all the eggs.

The girls are now sitting on the soft plush of lawn. Opening their precious loot; squealing with delight each time something sweet or fun falls out of an egg.

This year, their favorite finds are tiny flashlights tied to elastic bands. They are small enough to put on  their fingers. When we get home, they play in the dark of the guest bathroom for an hour. Screeching and laughing as their flashlights beam out; scaring away things normally disguised by darkness.

The warmth of the day is fading and the coolness of early Spring returns.

I am reminded of the gentle line we are still walking between the cold of winter and the sweetness of spring.

As I watch the sun drop behind the hills, I notice a patch of newly born daffodils in the flower pot by the door.

It’s official, I think. Spring is here to stay.


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