material girl

Mia loves clothes.

Every day clothes.

Dress up clothes.

Her sister’s clothes.

My clothes.

Recently, she discovered a box of hand-me-downs tucked away in a corner of her closet.

She exclaimed, “For ME?????? New clothes! They are so beautiful!”

To say the least, she was thrilled to find this discovery and spent the next hour trying everything on. Shirts, shorts, pants, dresses scattered around the room; miniature closet exploding into a grown up mess.

She modeled each new outfit with a flamboyant confidence and style that’s usually reserved for super models.


The same goes for dress up clothes. Between the two girls, they have a big box full. Sequins and tulle squeezing out the sides of the cotton candy pink wooden box; painted Disney princesses on each side. Ariel, Merida, Cinderella, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel are all represented. Additionally, wands, crowns, hats, wings, and capes are wedged tightly amongst the sparkle and satin.

When playing dress up, Mia has been know to change at least five times in less than 30 minutes. She parades around the living room, modeling her latest look with turns, spins and just a little wiggle here and there.


Last week she chose this outfit. Pink sparkle skirt. Hot pink t-shirt. Shiny black dress shoes. And finally, one purple and black checkered fingerless glove she got out of the toy vending machine for a quarter at a local restaurant. I loved that she chose the glove, it really made the whole outfit.

She has never seen Zoolander, but this is a “blue steel” look if I have ever seen one.


Everything is fair game in Mia’s world of fashion. For example, her bathing suits.  Toddler belly filling out the colorful prints of stretchy material. Brightly colored flip-flops and layers of plastic jewelry.

The couture of pajamas. Drawers filled with soft cotton nightgowns adorned with princesses, horses, flowers, and Hello Kitty. Sometimes, she wears them to school. Maybe she’s part of some secret slumber party fashion club or maybe she just needs a pajama day.

I think everyone needs a pajama day from time to time.

Yesterday, she said, “Momma, I want a Barbie wedding dress, Barbie gloves, Barbie crown, Barbie shoes, Barbie necklace, and Barbie earrings. AND PINK HAIR. I will marry Chase and we will dance all night.”

I think the Barbie Bridal Wedding website sums up what she was probably dreaming about.

My little fashion diva. Tiny in stature but armed with an amazing sense of style at the tender age of three. It will be an interesting journey to see how her fashion sense develops as she grows up.

However, knowing what I know now… I better be prepared.

Bonus Material! See Mia modeling her purple dress this morning.

5 thoughts on “material girl

  1. I’m thinking costume montage a la Pretty Woman or Sleeping with the Enemy (hmm does she have any other dress up montages in her films…?) I imagine it’s a lot of work both on and off camera but so worth it!

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