This blog is dedicated to Guinness, our family dog. He lived to a old age of 15 and was loved deeply by two little girls, myself, and Anthony.

He has been such a big part of our life, it’s hard to imagine it without him.

Guinness was a beach loving, squirrel chasing, hole digging, tennis ball chewing, expert face licking, and kid loving dog.

He was a round rolly-polly puppy with blond fur tipped in black. Expressive eyebrows. He actually smiled when he was happy.

During his shoe eating days as a puppy, he would eat only the straps or the tongue of just one shoe, while the other would be left untouched.

At about 10 weeks old, he took his first road trip to the Olympic Game Farm, where he sat between us in the car while giant Bison tried to stick their heads in the car windows. He took in all in stride and just enjoyed the ride.

His first and only plane ride was when we moved to California. I remember taking him out of his crate in San Jose baggage claim, I had never seen a happier dog!

He was scared of loud movies and would hide behind the couch. When he passed gas, he would actually get embarrassed and leave the room.

He could catch a tennis ball while jumping in mid air.

He barked a lot and was the staunch defender of our home (not really, but he liked to think so).

He was loyal.

He was ever loving.

His spirit was big and he always had a sparkle in his eye.

But his health had failed. It was painful to watch him walk or get up. He couldn’t hear very well. He wandered around, not able to get comfortable. His back legs had given out on Monday night.

It was time to let him go. So last night, we gave him steak for dinner with ice cream for dessert.

We had told the girls that Guinness was going to leave us. Both Ava and Mia told Guinness goodbye, each in her own unique way. Neither one of them really understanding the finality. Just a simple understanding that Guinness was going to heaven.

Mia listened to his heart and laid her head on his back. Gave him a kiss and a pat.

Ava talked to him, pet him, and gave him a kiss and a hug.

It was after we put them to bed, I laid down on the floor next to him and cried.

And later that evening,  in the comfort of his home surrounded by Anthony and myself, he died peacefully with one final sigh, as we cradled his head and stroked his fur.

The vet gave us an imprint of his paw and cut a lock of his hair. I will treasure it always.

Guinness was an exceptional dog amongst dogs.

So, here’s to you my fine friend. I hope your journey over the rainbow bridge was peaceful.

We love you.

3 thoughts on “guinness.

  1. Goodbye, Guinness. He loved his family and was lucky to have the girls in his life. His final day was perfect, with steak and ice cream and kisses. Know he is feeling better in doggie heaven. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog. Love, Doggie Grandma Judi

  2. I knew better than to read this right before going to sleep. But I did it anyway. Now with tear stained cheeks and neck I will try to sleep. Meg, it’s so well written. Thank you for sharing it. I got to be there for my brother’s dog but not the 3 I had growing up and I wish I could have. He was a beautiful boy and clearly very loved. Sending a hug.

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