my world.

During this morning’s the rush of getting off to school and work, Mia grabs my hand and said “Momma, come outside, I have to show you something!”

I am in the middle of gathering up all their backpacks, lunches, and jackets and say, “Just a minute, Mia.”

However, she is insistent. I have to go look right now.

I smile.

She is wearing her regular school clothes, a Santa hat, and an orange cup cozy as a glove.

There is a small leather hacky sac in her hand.

I grab her other hand and and we go outside.

She waves her hand across our view and says, “Momma, this is my world! Look at my world!”

Her world.

She takes me for a walk and keeps sweeping her hand across things, “This is my house. This is my garage. This is my tree.”

She is thrilled with her discovery.


I pause to reflect.

She stopped me.

She made me listen.

She made me look.

And what I saw was beautiful.

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