nothing says good morning like a lost tooth

I am at my parents’ house for vacation. It is still early. It is still dark.

I am asleep. In my dream, I begin to hear little feet stomping. Running.

Mia softly yells in her best whisper, “Turn on the lights!”

They both jump on me.

I open my eyes, squinting against the light.

Ava’s face is close. There is blood dripping out of her mouth. Literally.

Her front tooth is in her hand. She is grinning. A gaping hole in her mouth where her tooth used to be.

“My tooth came out! I did what my cousin Grace told me to do and pulled out my tooth!”

They are dancing around the room. Thrilled the tooth that had been hanging by a thread just yesterday, is now out.

I am still bleary eyed, but awake. A lost tooth is big news is this house!

I take Ava to the bathroom and wipe her face. She rinses her mouth out. She is as good as new.

More excitement ensues when she sees blood on the tooth. “Mommy, look at the BLOOD on the tooth!”

They both run down the hall to tell grandpa, who is already awake and in his office.

Another milestone. Another new year.

And I get to play the Tooth Fairy tonight! I checked my usual source, the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, and it says $2.42 is the going rate. Down five cents since last year. I’ll probably still just leave two gold Sacagawea coins. They are gold in color and seem magical.

Also, if you want to see me in action as the Tooth Fairy, see my blog from last year’s escapades! (Authors note: the video is NOT for those who still believe!!)

3 thoughts on “nothing says good morning like a lost tooth

  1. I love today’s post! When our daughter, Abby, was little she lost her tooth and it fell in the floor furnace of the farm house. There was no way we could retrieve it. She was devastated.

    We had to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and put it under her pillow in hopes it was enough evidence of a lost tooth to warrant payment. Thankfully, it was! Funny how intuitive the Tooth Fairy is about those types of things. 😉
    Happy New Year!

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