frozen in california

I love throwing birthday parties. Dreams of decorations. Paper invitations. Sticky sweet birthday cakes. A house of noisy happy kids. The more, the better. It’s crazy and exhausting, but I love every single minute of it.

A little magic. A forever memory. Feelings of love, laughter, and being surrounded by friends and family.

For Ava’s sixth birthday, “Frozen” was her chosen theme. Ice and snow. Loyalty of sisters. A musical soundtrack set on permanent repeat in the car.  Both the girls love this movie.

It was time to create a winter wonderland. Snowflakes twirling from the ceiling, tables draped in blue and white, fluffy confetti snow, sparkly silver sticks arranged in vases, delicate paper lanterns, and yards of silver mylar.

The next morning when Ava came out into the living room, she laughed and said, “I LOVE IT!”

It even felt snowy.

As for the cake, I always use Cakewalk Creations. I’m sure Ken, the chief baker and owner, thinks I’m a little over the top. However, he takes my endless pictures from Pinterest and always creates something beautiful. From rainbow unicorn to under the sea cakes, I am always amazed. This year, I wanted a snowflake cake. The chocolate cake was wrapped in lightly sweet buttercream with a chocolate ganache filling. Generously sprinkled with edible glitter and sugar snowflakes.

Ava was so excited for her party. It was a morning of “Are we there yets?”

Counting down the hours, then minutes before her party would start.

Dressed in her Elsa pajamas, little sister was just as excited.

In the words of Olaf, Mia ran around the house telling me, “I like warm hugs!”

Finally, it was party time. Guest arrived bearing brightly wrapped packages.

The house was soon full. Twenty-two little girls in all.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and seventy degrees. I had my snow machine (it’s another story how I came to own a snow machine) running in the backyard. A friendly flurry of snow floated around the deck and grass. Kids danced and twirled under the snowfall, wrapped in the warmth of a California sun.

At one point, at least ten little girls ended up in Ava’s room. Jumping on the bed, giggling, and trying on dress up clothes. Her door would slam shut. No one under six was allowed.

It was then, she arrived. It was her. Elsa from the Cinderella Company. I gathered all the girls into the living room and asked if they were ready for our special guest. They screamed with excitement. Their heroine was here.

Elsa was calm and soft spoken. Serene. Her presence was immediately engaging. The girls raced to spots on the carpet; staring at her in wonder. She told the story of Anna and Elsa. She sang “Do you want to be a Snowman?” and “Let it Go.”

While performing “Let it Go,” she magically made snow and ice from tap water. When she first arrived, some of the kids weren’t sure if she was “real.” After the snow and ice, they were positive that she was the real thing.

She painted twenty-two little faces.  Carefully drawing a number on each tiny hand. Each child patiently waited her turn. Glitter snowflakes in pastel colors adorned each cheek and forehead. The backyard filled up and Ava’s room was bubbling with kids jumping on the bed once more.

Finally, it was time for cake. A rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday!” rang out through the house. A wish was made. Candles blown out. Everyone wanted a sugar crystal snowflake on their plate.

The party wound down. Kids were happily tired. They crowded around Elsa, trying to get her attention. Touching her dress. Holding her hand. Hugging her. We managed to get the girls all together for a picture. A memento of the day.

Then one last hug for the birthday girl.

It was a birthday to remember. Grinning with her missing her front tooth; her smile was truly genuine.

I hope she remembers this special day.

I know I will.

2 thoughts on “frozen in california

  1. Hi Megan, your story is great…Ava sure had a wonderful day and we’re happy for her. Thanks for the pics, I appreciate itas my camera is not working right. If you have a couple of pics of Mia’s b’day, could you send it to me.

    Thanks again,



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