the journal

Ava loves her notebooks. She has at least six of them laying around the house.

A blank slate waiting for her creativity.

And they are filled. Filled with drawings, writing, photos, and stickers.

It is simple at this age. No teen age angst or worries scrawled across the pages. Just the happy thoughts of the very young.

Completely her own. Completely her.

At six, she shares freely. She leaves her notebooks open. Open for anyone to appreciate.

Watercolor paintings created from highlighters.

Jewels adhered to swirls of glue and glitter tumbling across the pages.

Pandas. Gems. Cats. Seals. Favorite things, she has cut out from her magazines.

Animals drawn in purple marker. Little handprints drawn too.

The milky way.

Elsa from Frozen sketched in ballpoint pen.

A photo of her on a horse.

A map.

Tiger stickers. Polar bear stickers. Elephant and rhinos too.

Abstract of an apple, an eye, and a butterfly.

A pink flower decorated in glitter glue.

Lines of her writing in “cursive.” She doesn’t know how to write in cursive, so it is uniquely her own. She knows her mommy likes to write, I think she wants to write too.

Ava writes her name dozens of times, alternating with the word love.

A heart sticker has been placed in the upper left hand corner of another page.

My personal favorite is a recipe for a love potion:

“One cup of put potion,

One iguana and one one big big horses.

One big Lizard.


When I ask her what it is. She simply says, “It is a love potion. Somebody needed it.”

She’s even working on some poetry. I only help with the spelling when she asks.

“I love the sun,

And the rainbow,

And the wind,

And the beautiful mother nature.

I love the beautiful flowers and the beautiful beautiful mother and beautiful Plants and beautiful gorgeous kids. And beautiful gorgeous nails and beautiful houses. And beautiful clothes and the beautiful deer and the beautiful raccoons.”

This is probably the only time in her life that I will get to read her journal.

Such a complete trust, she wants to share. It is a profound gift of honesty and love.

I feel lucky and I look forward to what she’ll write, create, or dream about next.

One thought on “the journal

  1. Love her notebooks, she is so creative and has a great way of expressing herself. Thanks for her pics.



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