the inspired artist

Saturday, Ava set out her paints, placed an empty white piece paper on the table, and began to paint.

She carefully took her index finger, dipped it in her paint, and crafted a large orange flower. A single finger pressing firmly onto the paper, fingerprint by fingerprint.

I walked by, stopped, and asked what she was painting. Her answer surprised me both in detail and thoughtfulness.

She began with, “I am painting like Eric Carle. I think this is how he paints, except that he might paint with a brush. But I think it looks like this.”

Eric Carle? I knew who he was, the famous author and illustrator of such books as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” and the illustrator for “Brown bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See.”

I thought maybe she had studied him in her Art in Action class at school, but she said no. I asked, “Well, what made you try to paint like him?”

She replied, “I read the The Tiny Seed at school.” A book I wasn’t familiar with, but jumped on the internet to take a look.

His cover looks like this and Ava’s painting looks like this:

She continued, “I really like how he paints. I would like to meet him.”  She kept painting.

Ava has the soul of an artist at only six years old.

She bursts forth in brilliant colors and sticky textures. She creates collages of innocence and curiosity. She uses her life as a painter’s palate to draw out her hopes and dreams.

Her journey of art has been inspiring for me. I keeps me working on my own creativity.

I love that about her.


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