we are all in it together

Mother’s Day is a time for reflection on my journey through motherhood so far. A reminder that someday, I might actually perfect this mommy thing. Maybe.

On this Mother’s Day, I been thinking about moms in general.

Every day I see articles titled “Moms Who Suck,” “Moms You Want To Hate,” and “The 10 Most Annoying Moms, Which Kind of Mom are YOU?” A little like those old Cosmo headlines from the eighties, but with a mom twist. I always get a little nervous when I read one because I am sure I’ll see myself on the list.

Who am I kidding, I am on the list. I simply can’t help it.

So, let me confess.

I confess I’m a Pinterest mom. I’m terrible at arts and crafts. I will never do even one-percent of the cool stuff I see posted on Pinterest because I am simply not talented at such things. However, I am good at one thing and it’s birthday parties. I pour all my creative energy and all my mommy powers into creating the most magical-sparkly-rainbowy-unicorn-princess parties ever.  They make my girls feel special. I troll Pinterest looking for ideas and use as many as I can to create the most memorable birthday parties. So yes, I am a Pinterest mom.

I confess I’m a Tiger mom. I expect my children to do well in school. I expect they will go to college. I expect them to do well in their chosen activities. I expect them to behave and be respectful. I always want them to do their very best. The world is a tough competitive place and it’s my job to prepare them for life’s long journey. So yes, I am a Tiger mom.

I confess I’m a put together mom, well at least I try to be since I go to an office daily. I brush my hair. I wear red lipstick. I love getting my nails done. I leave the yoga pants for the weekend, but oh how I love those yoga pants and flip-flops. If I only I could…. So yes, I am a put together mom. (most days)

I confess I’m a working mom. I love my job. It allows my children to see a different side of me. However on the flip side, I am lucky to have a great room mom for my daughter’s kindergarten. She tirelessly coordinates all the volunteer positions, teacher gifts, and fundraising activities for free. Because of her work, I can volunteer once a month for science class. I treasure the time with daughter and her classmates. So yes, I’m a working mom who likes to do stay at home mom things too.

I confess I’m a “lost-all-my-baby-weight-six-months-after-giving-birth” mom. Who am I kidding, not even close. However, I do respect women who get it together and work out. Well done healthy mommas. I’m will try to do better so I can say, I’m a fit mom even though it took me only six years to lose the baby weight. So yes, I aspire to be a fit mom.

I confess I’m a mom with kids who throw tantrums. Everybody has bad days. My kids have melted down in public in front of an audience. It’s embarrassing and stressful. We’ve all been through it. So yes, I am a mom with kids who throw tantrums.

I confess I’m a buy organic mom. I do like to provide my children organic food, but I know there is a balance. The balance is they sometimes eat school lunch, we have pizza once a week, and I should have bought stock in a particular mac and cheese company. But this balance has given me kids who eat most things and make healthy choices on their own. So yes, I am a buy organic mom.

I confess I’m a know-it-all mom who gives unsolicited advice. I can’t help myself. I’m compelled to share my own experiences when they seem to align to a current problem of a friend, acquaintance, or lady in the grocery store line. Most of the time, I try to be just a good listener. A good listener who brings a bottle of good wine. But be warned, our conversation might include a tiny piece of advice. Sorry. So yes, I am a know-it-all mom who gives unsolicited advice.

I confess, I give my children chocolate, let them watch tv, encourage them to get dirty, and I sometimes give into tantrums.

I think parenting requires a kaleidoscope of mom skills. Each minute requires me to turn the tube just a tad to get a new view on things. More red. Less blue. Stars instead of triangles.

So, embrace your inner kaleidoscope.

And remember, we are all in this together.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my PinterestTigerPerfectOrganicWineLovingYogaPantWearingWorkingStayatHome-KnowItAllGossipyButSupportiveBeautifulSmartBiggestHeartsInTheWorldOneandOnlyMoms.


One thought on “we are all in it together

  1. Love It! By way of crafting, just found this magazine at the Dr. office. You will be the craftiest Mom in Emerald Hills. Familyfunmag.com. It had tons of cute, easy projects.

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