little photographer

Kids like to do what their parents do, at least in the under six set.

I love photography and my oldest daughter, Ava, loves it too.

She received a small battery-powered pink digital camera for Christmas. Since then she has been running around taking photos.

Recently, I let her borrow my old DSLR for her sister’s recital because I didn’t have any batteries for the little pink camera. It was my first DSLR and it had been tucked away in a camera bag, unused since I received my new one. Her tiny hands gripped the large body of the camera. “Be very careful,” I said. She promised. She’s careful when she really wants to hold something special; a lesson learned after breaking her very favorite snow globe a few months back.

As a photographer, she is still learning patience when shooting and to only press the button once when taking a photo.  When I downloaded her pictures from the day, there were ten of the same shots for every still. Regardless, I loved her perspective and hope she continues on this path of creativity.

She took photos with me in the backyard when Mia was dancing across the lawn. At the show, she gathered Mia and another little ballerina we didn’t even know for photo. A very clear photo of my messy attempt at a ballerina bun. She captured a beautiful moment of Mia running to her grandmother. A striking photo of grandpa walking across the parking lot. A sweet trio of grandma Shirley, her daughter, Tracy, and Mia. I was impressed with her composition and clarity. She probably had the same ratio of keeper photos (less the multiples of each) as I get with each shoot.


Late last week, we were at the park with some of her friends and she asked for my phone. She wanted to take photos of her friends. The light from the warm sunny evening combined with the fun with her friends, she captured all the silliness and beauty of childhood friendships.

This is her perspective, filters and all.

And my personal favorite, an extraordinarily artistic moment in time. The glow of the sun behind her hair, a burst of light from her right eye. Simply beautiful.

To my tiny photographer, keep growing your creative voice. Keep snapping your photos. Keep sharing your view on the world. You never know where it will take you.

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