the grasshopper illustrator

It’s early Saturday morning, Ava is exploring the back yard. She runs in the house with a surprise in her hand.

It’s small. It’s vibrant green. It’s a grasshopper. She shows me proudly.

She smiles, “I am going to draw him!”

He is a calm insect. He crawls around her hand and doesn’t jump away. He poses quietly for her. Nature’s art model.

She pulls out a piece of paper and settles onto the concrete of the front walkway.

She is wearing last year’s Halloween skeleton costume.  She crouches low and begins to sketch him.

She draws three grasshoppers in all. When she finishes up, she runs into the backyard to let him go.

A few minutes later, she comes back upstairs and tells me, “I kissed him, but don’t worry I washed my lips.”

Just another Saturday morning for my grasshopper illustrator.

One thought on “the grasshopper illustrator

  1. Her drawing is so good, she has talent.  Good job Ava.  Love the kiss and washing of lips, how cute is that.


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