the leaf walk

Mia has a project, an assignment from preschool.

She must gather fall leaves for an upcoming school activity.

As of late, it has been really hot and still sticky with summer. Tonight, it finally feels like a fall day.

Living in California, mother nature doesn’t paint a vivid fall color swatch across the trees like where I grew up in Seattle.

In a blink, leaves turn from green to brown and a moment later, the aging leaf separates from the tree and floats to a final resting place on the ground. It’s a trade off, I suppose. Beautiful and temperate year round, we simply don’t have the weather extremes of rest of the country. I miss having four seasons.

We were lucky to have a cool fall evening and Mia was eager to take her leaf walk.

Bag in hand, we began our search.

Our street was littered with the pale brown leaves of the gnarly oak trees lining our street. Already dry and crumbled with age.

We slowly picked through piles of leaves and managed to find a few precious red ones. Mia discovered some large green and yellow ones.

Wearing her puffy jacket, black skirt, tights and pink sparkly shoes; she climbed short dirt hills, determined to find good specimens.

Pick. Drop. Start again. Mia placed leaf after leaf into her bag. Excited with each new discovery.

She filled her bag quickly. Ava did the same.

The simple joy of finding the perfect leaf.

As the fall sun set behind the hills, we enjoyed our walk together.

Hand in hand, we strolled home.

Ava brought her leaves into the house, she sorted them by type and counted them. She plans on making a book about leaves.

Mia wrote her name on her bag and will bring it to school tomorrow morning.

Welcome fall, we missed you.


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