flying shoes and halloween candy

It’s Halloween and the girls are up at dawn. You would think it was Christmas.

This year, I have a Guinevere from King Arthur and Lancelot fame, and one Grecian Goddess from ancient history.

Costumes picked from a catalog for their overall sparkliness, fanciness, and beauty. The literary references for the Guinevere  and Grecian Goddess costumes are lost on the girls. They are unique though, we didn’t run into one other Grecian goddess or Guinevere  while out trick or treating.

The girls have convinced me to wear a costume, since Ava didn’t have school on Halloween we ran down to the costume store and picked up a dark Grecian goddess costume. Simple and similar to Mia’s costume. Everyone was satisfied.

This is my last year at the preschool. Four years of adorable Halloween parades have come and gone, I am a bit nostalgic. Mia moves onto kindergarten next year where we’ll pick up their Halloween parade, but there is something extra sweet about 2-4 year olds decked out in Halloween costumes, parading around the school grounds.

Ava and I arrived early to get Mia dressed. She is eager to be transformed into a Grecian Goddess. Golden leaf crown, jewel encrusted snake necklace, gold lame belt with sparkles, a long delicate white gown, with the tiniest gold heels.

Before the parade, her class sits down in a circle and begins to sing. Each child gets up and stands in the middle for the duration of the song. Some show off their costumes and jump high and twirl. As with preschoolers, several are shy and don’t get up at all.

Then it was Mia’s turn…

“Mia, Mia, Mia’s in the middle. Let me see you jump. Let me see you wiggle. Mia, Mia, turn around, Mia, Mia, sit back down.”

Some excitement ensued as she began to spin; her shoe flew off mid twirl and launched into the crowd. Luckily it landed next to Ava and no one was hurt. Her shoe was a rocket. Mia giggled as she had no idea where it had gone.

Time for the parade. Princesses, super heroes, pirates, cops, firemen, doctors, fairies, ninja turtles, even a rocky raccoon, and one well constructed mummy lined up to take their goblin walk through the classrooms and down the breeze-way.

Tiny hands waving, smiles big.

Cookies and silliness followed the parade. Preschoolers combined with lots of sugar make for a noisy after party. Mia talked and laughed with her classmates, exhibiting a networking expertise you don’t often see in the four-year old set.

Once the party was over, it was time for dinner and then the highly anticipated trick or treating.

We live on a very quiet cul-de-sac up in the hills, so trick or treating can be a challenge. However, we are lucky to have five neighbors who buy candy every year just for Ava and Mia, so we always start on our street. Our neighbors are excited to see the girls and I have to say Ava and Mia really clean up. “Two. Three. Four. Five pieces. Go ahead take whatever you want!” they smile. They even received beautifully decorated cupcakes at one neighbor’s home plus candy! They ooh and ahh over the girls’ costumes and make them feel pretty special. We have awesome neighbors.

Then it’s time to jump in the car and travel to a more populated neighborhood  just down the road. Many of the neighborhoods are blocked off to traffic ensuring safe trick or treating. Some houses are heavily decorated with graveyards, creepy monsters, fog machines and scary music. Other homes offer a simple welcome with the warm glow of pumpkins in the window. A friendly person is always on the other side of the door offering treats and smiles.  Trick or treating hasn’t changed that much since I was a kid, you still have to go up to the door, ring the bell, and say “Trick or Treat!” The candy hasn’t changed much either. Kit-Kats, Milky Ways, Snickers, Dots, Reese’s, and Tootsie Pops still dominate.

Now Mia is terrified of any house with “dead things.” She simply will not go to the door. She evaluated each house carefully before deciding if it met her “non-scary” standards. No graves. No skeletons. No severed hands. No human sized rubber monsters. I told her it was all fake, but she insisted, “I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO HOUSES WITH DEAD THINGS!” Some sympathetic homeowners saw Mia on the sidewalk and came out to give her a treat.

Ava was brave and went to every door and would ask for a second treat to drop in her sister’s bag. I thought this was sweet, she had decided to do it all on her own.

A little after seven, the ghosts and goblins had started to take a toll on little sister. It was time to go home. Our bags were full and it was getting cold.

Once home, Ava dumped her bag out and counted out sixty-one pieces of candy. She was thrilled with her take. Mia just wanted to dig in and eat the candy.  She looked up at me grinning, with three Hershey’s kisses shoved in her mouth. Satisfied with her Halloween bounty.

As this year’s Halloween night faded away, two very tired little girls were tucked into bed with dreams of chocolate and pumpkins.

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