inside my daughter’s heart

Ava wrote me a letter tonight.

I was cooking dinner, while she worked on her “Don’t Look Mommy!” project.

She ran in the kitchen a couple of times to check on the spelling of a word.

Some time later, she called me into the living room.

She read her note out loud to me.

She pointed out the pictures she drew and explained why she had drawn them.

When she was done, I hugged her with everything I had. I thanked her for such a beautiful note.

Later that evening when she was snuggled in bed and ready for sleep, I thanked her again. Thanked her for the beauty in her writing.

I don’t always know what is happening inside my six year old’s heart, but I do know this.

She is true to herself. She is deeply caring. She is thoughtful and loving. Perceptive and insightful.

A strong foundation, I hope stays with her always.

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