everybody loves a kitten poster

It’s book fair time at Ava’s school. Each year, Scholastic swoops onto campus and kids flood the school library for five days. Swarms of kids and parents buy books, pencils, posters, and other knickknacks.

As a volunteer, even the smallest of the small kids run in with little white envelopes filled with pocket change and piggy bank money. Posters and books fly off the shelves.

I loved posters as a kid. What started as a small collection of  kitten and puppy posters, slowly transformed into posters of 1980’s heartthrobs filled with teenage angst. Rob Lowe was a favorite crush when I was sixteen.

As with past years, dozens of book fair posters decorate the library walls. Poster themes haven’t changed much since the eighties.

Kittens. Puppies. Cars. Sports teams. Some of the newer additions include zombies and Minecraft. As an interesting note, they sold out of every poster, except for the One Direction ones. They didn’t sell a single one. I guess they have fallen out of favor with the middle school crowd.

Today was the day, Ava asked for her first poster.

Blue polka dot back drop. Two kittens snuggling.

“#FRIENDS” written across the top of the poster.

Hashtags only existed as a button on my rotary phone when I was growing up. They were never a statement. I don’t think Ava even understands the # written on her poster. She just likes cuddly kittens and the word “friends.”

I purchased the poster and sent Ava off to class.

As I carried my purchases back to the car, I pondered how it might look on my office wall. How much better would my meetings go with a “#friends” poster in my office.

When I arrive home, Ava eagerly runs to me, gives a quick hug, and asks for her poster.

I grab some tape and put it up on her wall.

She is thrilled.

I decide I need poster. Perhaps with the tagline ,#nostalgic. #sentimental.

Now where the heck did my Rob Lowe poster go?

Now THAT would look great on my office wall.


A generic tube arrived in the mail today, I had no idea who it was from until I opened it. My sister’s name was on the order form.

At first, I thought it was a gift for my daughter’s birthday, but when I unrolled it, guess who appeared?

It totally made my day. Aren’t you all jealous?

In closing, I assume this a dare to actually put this up on my office wall. So stay tuned.


Okay, mission accomplished. I have now placed Rob on my office wall. Maybe he’ll help me with my Excel calculations. At minimum, my office should be super popular for meetings.

Thanks, sis!

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