hot pink, birthday bubbles, and a unicorn

Mia Isabel is five years old.

The baby sweet softness of her look is slowly fading into one of a little girl glow.

I am excited for her future potential, but still hanging on tightly to the effervescence of her innocence.

With innocence comes magic. The unshakeable belief in unicorns, fairies, and Santa Claus.

My girls believe in wishing on shooting stars and birthday candles.

Part of my mom job to keep this little world of wonder safe, at least for a little while.

Birthdays included.

So in the spirit of magic,  Mia requested a unicorn this year. I say this like unicorns are common and found everywhere, but we’ve had a unicorn before.

So, I knew where to find one.

She wanted the house bathed in hot pink. Bubbles blowing in the wind with a dash of face paint.

This is not my first rodeo. Point and click to rustle up her list.

By the time her birthday arrived, I was ready to welcome eighteen preschoolers into my home.

Before our guests arrived, I captured my daughter’s joy of her impending birthday party.


The house was cheery and dressed in hot pink everything.

The foyer showcased the party favors from Clay and Strings; she make adorable wishing bracelets. Each bracelet comes wrapped in the smallest of origami stars. Enchanting in both the presentation, as well as the gift inside.

Each bracelet promises the wearer if she keeps the bracelet on until it wears out and falls off, her wish will come true.

Later that evening, Ava whispered in my ear, “Momma, I wished for a real unicorn to come live in the house.” She has been wearing the bracelet non-stop; wishing and hoping. Deep down I think she knows she can’t have a real unicorn, but thinks it can’t hurt to ask.

Because, you just never know.


Vividly colored mylar balloons graced the front of the house, including a silver five which was bigger than Mia.  Long lines of streamers intertwined the white picket fence. Polka dot paper lanterns hanging from the trees, swinging softly in the breeze.

The front driveway area was tied off with ribbon. I attached a sign saying “Unicorn Parking Only.” Rounded silver sparkles were sprinkled throughout the house. (Note: I am still finding and sweeping these little gems up!)

Sparkling hot pink twinkle lights cast a pink hue to the living room and twinkled in all sorts of patterns.

Up and down.

High to low.

Racing back and forth.

Swirly twirlies and stars dangled from the ceiling. We have kittens now, so it was me versus them in keeping all the decorations whole.

And then there is the cake; always the pièce de résistance I do not have the patience or talent for making cakes, so I always dial-up Ken from Cakewalk. If I can dream it up, he can make it. His cakes are both beautiful and delicious. It’s always exciting to drive to the bakery and see the cake for the first time.

This year it was a ombre cake with rosettes swirls sweeping across like a pink rainbow. Chocolate cake with icing. A fondant unicorn was adorably perched on top. The unicorn was clever, it was actually a separate piece easily lifted off the top of the cake for easy slicing.


Finally it was party time. Little lady by little lady arrived, bearing brightly wrapped gifts of every shape and size.

Some unsure at first, until they spied Lisa, our face painter extraordinaire. She is absolutely the best face painter around these parts. She is also a familiar presence in the birthday party circuit, farmer’s markets, and local festivals. The girls know Lisa well and greeted her with hugs. My mom took each little girl’s name and they all lined up quietly when it was time for their turn.

By the end of the party, Mia was completely adorned with face paint; starting with a rainbow on her forehead, a poinsettia, some cherries, a pink kitty, and a Olaf on her arms.

Bubbles filled the back yard. I purchased on of the super sized maker meant for raves and discos; the ones that push out hundreds of bubbles at time. Kids squealed and ran through the yard. Kids chased each other and rolled in the grass. They skipped and jumped through walls of bubbles in the late afternoon sun.

And then she arrived. Willow the unicorn from Friendly Pony Parties. Wearing a sparkly blanket with a silver horn and adorned with flowers. She is patient, sweet, and calm.

Pretty sure we had the nicest unicorn on the planet…

They all took turns riding Willow. By the end, once everyone had at least two rides, Mia alternated with the kids with an every other ride. She must have ridden Willow at least ten times.

As the day circled towards sunset, it was finally time for cake. Eighteen little girls gathered around the table, gleeful voices singing with great enthusiasm. Their song rang out across the room. Mia soaked in the moment. Happiness filled every inch of her face.

She made her wish.

Big sister helped her blow her candles out.

As her guests began to leave for home, she shared a unicorn wishlet with each one of her friends.

A party full of magic, friendship, fun, and love.

Once everyone was gone, I tied a unicorn bracelet around Mia’s wrist. She closed her eyes and whispered quietly. What was her secret wish, I wondered? I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the forehead. “Happy Birthday, sweet girl.”

I turned to gaze at the remaining party favors knowing I didn’t need to tie a wishlet around my wrist, I knew this because my wish had already come true.

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