how to write a letter to santa and get what you want for Christmas

It’s finally here, the time of year when my kids write their Christmas lists and submit them to the big guy. Hopeful their requests will be heard and honored. Trying their best to stay on the nice list, but still stumbling along the way. Falling somewhere between nice and naughty on most days. In the end, my girls are more nice than naughty, so they make the cut despite themselves.

Santa, the enforcer of good behavior, is something I use regularly in my parenting skills during the holiday season. I’m not particularly proud, but I do use “Santa is watching YOU!” on a pretty regular basis.

I’ve even used the dreaded “Do you want coal on Christmas morning?”

Which makes me wonder,  has any kid who ever received a piece of coal for Christmas for his or her behavior?

However, let’s move back to the heart of the story.

It is an evening last week, both girls decide it’s time two write their letters. Seated at the dining room table, they discuss and strategize the best way to craft the letters. They are only five and six, but they want these letters to work. Only one chance to get it right!

I’m going to share Ava’s letter first.

Hearts dotting each “i.” An angel playing a horn with hearts and music notes spilling out. More than a dozen decorative hearts expressing her love for Santa are scrawled across the page.

She asks for an American Girl Doll with a matching kitten. A dog with a hat. Junie B. Jones books, her newly discovered series of favorite reads.

And finally, a bird with a snowflake. I assume all the animal requests are stuffed animal related, not real wishes for a dog and a bird. I hope.

Pretty typical list for an almost seven-year old girl.

Here is Mia’s letter, carefully signed Mia Love.

She wants what big sister wants, as an American Girl Doll with a makeup kit tops her list. Large block writing. She asks how to spell items. I repeat the spelling back verbally. Since she dropped a few words from the list,  I’ll translate it.

In addition to the AG doll, she requests dresses for the doll, high heels, a pony (yikes!), a fluffy kitty with an icicle in its mouth, and a baby owl. Again, I have to assume she wants stuffed toys, not the real thing.

Creepy Chippy (see my post on him!), the elf, took both letters via Santa overnight delivery. No stamps. No post office visit required. I cheat at the Santa letter sending thing and simply fold them up and hide them during my nightly Chippy the Elf, relocation.

Now for Mia, I suggest all sorts of alternate Christmas gifts like  “wouldn’t you rather have….. fill in the blank.” A robot. One of the those battery operated cars (desperation). Even one of the less expensive American Girl Dolls, a Bitty Baby.

But the doll is all she wants for Christmas.

Now, if you could see how our Barbies have fared, you would try to convince her otherwise as well. Nobody laughs harder when a Barbie head falls off than Mia. During bath time, I’ve caught the both of them giggling like crazy while throwing arms and legs of the less fortunate Barbies who end up as bath toys. I can’t imagine this doll remotely staying in good condition in the hands of my smallest one.

Not to mention, she’s only five and the box says 8+.

But alas, her heart is set. She even cornered our Christmas parade Santa by the town hall tree. She ran up to me, eyes glowing, only to tell me that Santa said he would absolutely bring her an American Girl doll with the makeup kit.

Naughty Santa.

I was defeated, Santa had trumped me. So, I placed the order for both girls.

So, I’m hoping for the best. I’m pretty sure she’ll make a great effort and cherish the doll.

Because I won’t be happy if I see an American Girl doll head rolling down the hall.

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