hallmark are you listening?

We are all clumsy from time to time and yesterday was no different. I was passing by a half-open door and swung my hand and well… you can figure out what happened next.

Both girls saw it happen and as I disguised my swearing into more kid friendly words… Sugar…. Mother Trucker!!!

I somehow managed to avoid a “Christmas Story” scenario where Ralphie’s dad, Old Man Parker, weaves a stream of consciousness string of obscenities, punctuated by “NADDAFINGA!!”

But that is not my story. My story is about the kindness of my daughter.

After the event, she ran over to me with a sheet of paper towels. She then constructed a paper towel cast. Wrapped my arm and taped it. Signed it. Drew pictures on it and with a final flourish adhered two sparkly heart stickers.

Then she illustrated a get well card for me. Green hills. Blue sky. Two little stick people at the top of the hill, identified as “Mom and Me.” She then drew a long line of people whom she said were my “family.” Marking the first two as “Judy” and “Bill.” My parents; her grandparents. Giant pink flowers dot the horizon.

At the top, she scrawled, “Pleas Get Butter.”

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go to the grocery store or “get better.”

The sentiment was sweet. The care top-notch.

And Hallmark, if you are listening, I think we might have a new card for you.


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