the tea

Both Ava and Mia have had their American Girl dolls since Christmas. If you read my post on “How to Write a Letter to Santa and Get What You Want for Christmas,” you’ll know this was a big deal. Since then, they have begging to visit the AG store for a tea and hairstyling party. It was a sunny winter Saturday with nothing to do, so off we went to the American Girl doll store.

Everything about that store is an experience. The girls’ eyes glowed with anticipation. The gigantic red sign above the door beckoned, “Come in! Come in! We have the doll for YOU and a zillion accessories!”

And to me, the sign glowed and in a creepy other worldly voice said, “Come in! Come in! We want to empty your wallet!!!”

We passed the gates. Giggles and smiles burst forth. I grabbed my purse and held it closer; somehow thinking it would keep my credit card hidden. We were committed now, there was no turning back.

Dolls. Dolls. Dolls. Empty eyes stared out at us, each doll silently enticing the littles, “Take me home!”

Since we had dolls already, I walked by without worry, smiling as my daughters tightly clutched their Christmas gift.

A large swirling staircase emerged from behind the merchandise, so we ascended to the top of the American Girl mountain. At our summit, was a tea party and salon to acquire new hairstyles for the dolls. Ridiculous. I know. I couldn’t believe I was here either, however I am strangely looking forward to the “experience.”

We walked towards the cafe. Deep pink decor with accents of rose red and crisp white greeted us as we entered. Whimsical flowers etched into the frosted glass windows. 1950’s styled straw dispensers. Pink lemonade swirling on the back counter. The staff dressed in aprons. Almost retro in style, reminiscent of an old-fashioned diner, we decided to sit at the bar.

Immediately, we are presented with tiny plastic seats, our server hooked them into the bar and helped the girls settle their dolls into their front row spots. Matching plastic tea cups stamped with tiny flowers and saucers appeared. No detail was overlooked. This was a good move because otherwise I imagined the dolls would be knocking over food and drinks. It kept everything neatly under control, so we could enjoy their meal without me having to say, “PUT THAT DOLL AWAY OR ELSE!”

We were given tea menus to peruse. The girls have never had tea. I have no idea if they would even like it, but they were game. So, we selected passion fruit because it seems the most kid friendly. A little later, we each received our own individual tea set. I helped the girls pour their tea and offered them honey. They tried the tea, but didn’t like it. The honey packets looked promising. They pushed the tea away and instead ate small spoonfuls of honey.

I sat and enjoyed my tea.

After tea, we order off the tea service menu which promised “Savory beginnings and Sweet Surprises.”

While we waited, I opened a small box on the table. Inside was a question game, so we decided to play.  “What is the biggest surprise you’ve ever had? What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? What’s the best way to apologize to someone. Who is the smartest person you know? I loved that question, they both though it was me.

When our tea treats arrived, it was beautifully displayed on silver three-tiered stand. Mia immediately went for the treats. Ava chose the savory.

Turkey burgers, cucumber sandwiches, BLTs, and fruit kabobs with yogurt dip. Cooke crumble pudding in a flower-pot with a daisy decor. Chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins. Mini cupcakes with a dollop of pink frosting. Mia took the daisy and stuck it in her hair.

Our snacks finished, the girls were ready for the next step on our journey. The hair salon. Yes, they have a hair salon and ear-piercing station. Hair styles only, I was not ready for ear-piercing dolls, simply because I’m not ready for the girls to have their ears pierced.

Each doll was placed in her own styling chair. (Really????? I thought to myself) The girls reviewed the menu and selected a hair style. They watched in excitement as the hair styling began. Brushing. Braiding. Ribbon wrapping. Once the dolls were placed back in their arms, they eagerly hugged them close; admiring the new hair-dos.

We pick out a few new accessories for the dolls and my reluctant wallet was coaxed out. Darn it, the American Girl store got me after all.

We finally escaped walked out the doors into the late afternoon sun and played in the gardens just outside the store.

They were both tired, especially Mia. Clutching her doll, she fell fast asleep as we drove away.



With sweet dreams of honey and treats swirling through her head.

2 thoughts on “the tea

  1. Really enjoyed your post. My daughter is only 2 and I thought we were way too young for American girl, but yesterday after her cousins came back from the AG store they were convinced that we must go soon. Sounds like an amazing experience to be a kid again.

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