the experience

Lately, Mia has been extremely vested in conducting scientific experiences. 

I learned when she says, “Momma, I’m doing my experiences.” What she really means is she is doing her experiments. In past week, she has conducted multiple experiences in the front yard using paints, pens, water, and zip lock bags. There was also a short lived roly-poly farm in her purple beach bucket.

This morning, I almost tripped over a zip lock bag filled with a blue tinted liquid, sitting on the front steps.

Today after a birthday party and lunch, we stopped by a local boutique known for its seasonal decorations. Easter Bunnies of every shape and size decorated the windows and filled the store shelves. Easter ornaments and fuzzy baby chicks. Wooden Happy Easter signs greeted us throughout the front. The owners even had a mini egg hunt in the store, so both girls excitedly joined in the search. Each  found a lucky yellow egg and were able to pick from an antique wagon filled with surprise gifts. Ava selected a plastic bunny bag from which a fabric egg and chick set emerged.

Mia selected her first bag, which turned out to be an ornate gothic looking picture frame. She was not pleased. I asked the staff if I could wrap it back up and allow her to pick a more age appropriate gift. They were more than happy to accommodate us. I was surprised at the gift. I had wrongly assumed just kids were hunting for eggs, but apparently adults were looking too based on what was inside the friendly plastic bunny bags. I told Mia to go for something squishy, but instead, she picked out a more heavy solid feeling bunny bag. Inside was an old-timey glass dispenser with a cork screw stopper. I was perplexed. Mia was pleased and held her gift close. This was precious, she did not want to give it back.

Eyes glowing, she told me it was perfect for her experiences! An antique beaker to be used for amazing new discoveries.

Later than afternoon, she pulled a piece of paper, filled her dispenser with water, selected some felt tip pens, and began to experiment. She told me she was making her ingredients. Endless enthusiam and wonder, she added new colors and substances. Her water ended up a cloudy lavender color with a hot pink layer of paint settled at the bottom.


Exactly what she wanted, it was the perfect result. You can hear her excitement in the video below.

Scientist of color mixing, it certainly captivates her attention. Will this somehow translate into a future career? Based on her love of fashion, maybe she’ll be a designer, mixing colors and textures to create something beautiful. Or maybe she continue her love of experiences and become a scientist mixing strange things hoping to find the perfect reaction.

In the meantime, I’ll encourage my little scientist.

I am certain at least that Easter Egg coloring will be interesting this year.

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