the egg hunt

It is a whisper past six am. It is still dark, with only the slightest hint of the purple dawn washing away the night sky.

I hear my daughter’s door squeak open and the fast run of footsteps down the hall towards the Easter baskets.

She is gone for a while and when she returns, her hands are cold. I know she’s been outside to see if there are eggs.

“MOMMY!!! THE EASTER BUNNY CAME! HE CAME!” She jumps on me with a big hug.

I feign ignorance, “What???? The Easter Bunny was here? That’s amazing!”

I tell her she has to wait until her sister wakes up before she can return outside or dig in her basket.

She can hardly wait, I’m pretty sure she can smell the chocolate wafting across the house; silently beckoning to her. Instead, she distracts herself by locating the cat and returning to her room to play with her.

I lightly go back to sleep, exhausted. Their dad and I were up at 4am putting out the eggs in the dark. I tied pink curly ribbon from the backyard bush to the deck in order to separate the yard into two sections. Then posted a sign telling Mia to go left and Ava to go right. Easter Bunny footprints were stamped at the bottom. I made two bags with an even number of eggs to ensure happy kids.

But alas, there will be no egg hunt at a whisper past six. Little sister keeps on sleeping. She keeps on sleeping for another 45 minutes.

Finally, Mia awakens and she too runs down the hall to check her basket and is back in to wake us up with “THE EASTER BUNNY WAS HERE! GET UP!”

Struggling out of bed, sleepy, we simply are not fast enough. By the time I get downstairs, the girls have not read any of the helpful signage and have started hunting for eggs, all from Mia’s side.

It was an egg hunt anarchy!!!

I halt the proceedings with a “I think the Easter Bunny left you instructions,” pointing at the sign. Realizing their error, Ava gives back the few eggs to Mia and runs to her side of the yard. They continue their search, excited with each find. Squeals come when they discover the Easter egg headbands and the golden eggs with the gold Sacajawea dollar coins tucked inside. The same ones the Tooth Fairy and Santa use, they say. The Easter Bunny must get his coins from the same place. Amazing!

Mia is certain the Easter Bunny made her eggs easier to find because she is only five. Ava’s are much harder because she is older.

Another surprise, Ava finds a tiny slug crawling across one of her eggs.

Baskets are soon full. Mia is sad when she’s found all hers. Lips in full pout. She decides to sit down and eat chocolate and magically her pout is erased.

Chocolate is stuffed in little mouths. Marshmallow chocolate. Caramel eggs. M&Ms, Cadbury Mini Eggs.Chocolate gold coins. Hershey kisses.

To distract from massive candy eating, there are also fluffy chirping bunnies. Shrinky Dink sets. New coloring pens and pencil sets. Melting bunny games.

Later I make bunny pancakes. And as usual, It is apparent that I am a failure when it comes to most Pinterest things.

For those familiar with Pinterest, two words describe my bunny pancakes to a tee, “NAILED IT!”

Lucky for me, my kids don’t care if I fail at Pinterest. All they know is whipped cream and syrup equal the most special perfect bunny pancakes ever.

And as if queued, an Easter rainbow appeared across the horizon. Decorating the early morning sky with the promise of rain.

Tummies full. Magic accomplished.

Happy Easter. Wishing you and yours happiness, love, and a day full of chocolate.

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