the crush

“Mommy, I am going to make Reid a card. He wants to marry me,” Mia says matter-of-factly.

Reid is a little boy in her preschool classroom. I can’t quite place him, but in Mia’s eyes, he’s dreamy.

She grabs some paper, an envelope, and markers. She begins to write and draw. A short time later, she calls me over. She proudly shares the card she has made for the boy called Reid.

She scrawled both her’s and Reids name across the back of the envelope. She has attached a bright blue butterfly sticker.

Inside is a hand folded piece of paper.

I open it gently; thrilled she’s sharing her secret with me.

Two red hearts are drawn on the page, as well as a rainbow.

She has written the words Mia, Love, and Reid.

The sweet innocence of a crush dances off the page.

She tells me she wants to leave it in his art cubby. I agree it sounds like a good idea. I mean really, what else do you say to a five-year old with a crush.

When we arrive at school, Mia excitedly runs over and finds Reid’s art cubby. She knows exactly where it is located.

Pulling out the drawer, she slides the envelope in. Giggles. Looks unsure. Takes it back out.

A few seconds later, she puts the envelope back in. Then takes it out. Giggles again.

Finally, she just hands it back to me and says, “It’s for you now. Just pretend that Reid says Momma.”

I smile and thank her for beautiful card.

So for today, her love for Momma replaced the crush; even if it’s only for a little while. (Or more likely it was just plain shyness, but I’m her mom so I get to think the card is for me.)

I pause and appreciate the moment.

Because tomorrow or some other day in the near future, she might actually summon the courage to leave the card for the boy who wants to marry her.

2 thoughts on “the crush

  1. That is so adorable! Pretty sure I would do the same thing as you in that situation. 🙂 You might as well just enjoy it while you can!

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