each kindness

It was a cool spring evening when we visited the local farmer’s market.

After dinner, we stumbled across our favorite face painter and all around great person, Lisa, from Face Painting by Lisa. Twice in one week, I thought. The girls just had their faces painted on Tuesday night at Mia’s school carnival.

Excitedly, the girls ran up and hugged her. Excited for more face paint and maybe a balloon. A glittery blue butterfly for Mia. A Princess design filled with hearts and glitter for Ava.

Yellow tiger balloons for each.

Faces painted, tigers in hand, we explored the rest of the market. We stopped by the live music because Mia wanted to dance. Two guys playing an old Clash song, so she got her groove on.

It might have been the pounding of the base, but part of Ava’s balloon tiger suddenly popped. A bright yellow balloon animal with no head. Ava was immediately sad. Tears stung her eyes.

Mia, seeing her sister’s disappointment,  piped up, “You can have mine!” and immediately traded her balloon with Ava.

I smiled. As much as they disagree day in and day out, there is a deep connection between my daughters. Mia didn’t mind the broken balloon at all, she just wanted to see her sister feel better.

I walked back over to Lisa and asked to buy a new balloon. I told Lisa her story and she offered up a balloon of Mia’s choice at no charge.

Mia selected a pink Poodle.

A special moment, brought on by my five-year old daughter. Selfless. Caring. Loving. She filled the world with good karma by her simple act.

A brief glimpse inside my daughter’s heart. Mysterious. Deeply feeling. Empathetic. Loving.

Happily clutching their balloons, we made our way home.

As we relaxed and watched a movie, Mia fell asleep next to me.

Her butterfly sparkled in the evening light.

Her pink poodle settled on her legs.

Her blanket clutched close.

I gazed at her. Her peaceful spirit made filled me with love.

I wanted to fiercely protect her precious heart.

Her act was gentle reminder that each kindness matters.

Because each kindness changes the world, even if only small ways.

Ripples pulsing across the planet.

One tiger balloon at a time.

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