the reality of pinterest and the peanut butter bird feeder

I had some extra toilet paper rolls. This is not surprising in a house with children. I vaguely remembered making some sort of bird feeder out of them when I was small, so I thought it might be fun to try with the girls. A simple project only requiring string, peanut butter, bird seed, and a toilet roll. To be sure, I scrolled through a few Pinterest pages to make sure I remembered the bird feeder project correctly. Glossy pages of clean kids. Sparkling clean tables. The project perfectly rolled with bird seed, swinging gently in the breeze. Birds hovered near by. However, I knew these moms were hiding something. Something messy. Despite their polished promises, I did get two helpful tips for this project. One, use paper plates. I would have spread out a newspaper, which probably would have created a bird seed apocalypse all over my carpet. Two, put the peanut butter in a small cup instead of letting them dig into the jar. No double dipping here. It was worth going to check out Pinterest, her perfectly executed projects offering overconfidence to us less crafty moms. However, in the real world. Here is what our assembly looked like.

Sticky. Messy. Fingers covered in gobs of peanut butter and bird seed. The air-filled with the smell of Jif. In kid world, this equaled more fun. So, they each made two.

When we were done, I ran a piece of rainbow yarn through the holes of the each toilet paper roll. Carrying our new feeders, we walked to the backyard. Both girls selected their “optimal” bird feeding spots. One in the maple tree. One in the lemon tree. One in the unknown kind of tree out front. One in a twiggy bush by the stairs.

Mia could hardly wait. I think she was a little disappointed that the birds didn’t fly in immediately to eat seeds from her bird feeder.

Patience my sweet one. Patience. I said we could check it later in the day, but she wasn’t convinced. She set up a beach towel nearby and sat down to wait. All in all a successful project. I won’t post instructions, because you don’t really need any. My only advice, don’t get caught up in the promise of Pinterest perfection. In the end, clean hands, faces, and tables don’t really matter anyways, because we really only remember the fun. With that in mind, I think our bird feeders were a #nailedit project, because there is no #pinterestfail in trying. UPDATE: For Mia’s bird feeders, they seem to be popular with a very large bluebird in the backyard. A variety of songbirds were also hopping about. This morning, one of Ava’s bird feeders was stolen by a local squirrel and run up the front oak. Holding it close, he ate everything. Later, a small gray squirrel examined it for leftovers. The girls were all excited to see so many animals in the yard! Sitting in the windows, the cats were especially happy with all the activity. Tails twitching. A hunter’s gaze. Statue like. They were still there watching when we left for school.

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