interview with a vampire

It appears to be a normal day as I park at after-care, ready to pick the girls up after a long day.

Getting out from my car, I head to sign out table. Ahead of me, peeping out through a wrought iron fence is Mia.

At least, it’s supposed to be Mia.

Ahead, I see a little girl wearing a white fluffy coat, pink t-shirt, purple and green star gymnastic shorts, black boots, and wait…there is something new about her.

She is sporting an enormous set of glow in the dark plastic vampire teeth.

I distinctly remember dropping off a human child at a school. It looks like however, I am picking up a vampire instead.

She runs towards the stairs, grinning widely, her fangs bursting from her tiny mouth.

“Mommy, mommy, I got a set of vangs! I am a vampire!”

She is practically drooling.

As I put her in the car, I ask, “Well, if you are a vampire, how come you are out in the daylight?”

One of my favorite things about Mia is her imagination, I can hardly wait to hear what she’ll say next. I always play along.

She thinks for a minute. “Well. I am a special vampire.You may call me Mavis.”

She references her favorite heroine from Transylvania, the animated movie.

She continues, “The sun only makes me sleepy. I will take a nap on the grass when I get home.”

“Okay, Mavis, but what will you eat?”

“I will eat a raccoon.” A surprising answer, I think.

“Well, how will you get around?” I inquire.

“I will turn into a tiny bat with tiny vangs and fly all around. I will be this big.” She shows me the space between two of her fingers, a size of a pinch.

Later, when I ask who her vampire friends are, she first answers, “All my friends are secret.”

She changes her story a few minutes later, “Actually, I have one vampire friend, she is a bat too. Her name is Sarah.”

She also wants to use her vangs as a mouthguard for sparring in karate class. At least, I think that’s what she said. I can barely decipher her words through the vangs, they are way too big for her mouth.

She wears her vangs throughout the evening, painting her vampire world to life. Broad strokes of magic with a little humor color every story.

This is her best Bela Lugosi impression. Although from my understanding, he actually never says that line. Never the less, I think she captures her vampireness pretty well.

The next morning, she walks into the bathroom while I’m brushing my hair.



“Yesterday, I lied about being  vampire. I lied about eating a raccoon. I lied about being a bat. I lied about having a vampire friend named Sarah.”

“I know, but wasn’t it fun?”

She smiles and runs off.

My human child has returned, but with Halloween so close; you just never know.

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