the star

One of the rules in Mia’s classroom is to only give “warm fuzzies and no cold pricklies.” Like any set of good rules, all the kids had to agree to it, sign a contract, and abide it (contract = poster with rules). So, I guess it more like signing the Declaration of Independence with each child’s signature scribbled across the bottom.

Part of the warm fuzzy governing system is the Star of the Week Program (or as I’ll refer to it in this story, SOTW). As part of the SOTW bylaws, each child writes something nice about the current SOTW along with drawing a picture. The teacher then assembles the pages into a book for the child to take home and enjoy.

So for this particular SOTW story, I’d like to share Mia’s book.

Flipping through the book, I counted at least fourteen rainbows, numerous butterflies and flowers, several cats, Mia dancing the hula, and even Mia swimming in a pot of gold. Some pictures were simple sketches with others drawn out with great detail.

When she brought it home, I sat down to read it. It didn’t take long before tears began welling up my eyes. Sweetness poured out from the pages; a cuteness overload rushed through me. NOTE: Becoming a mom makes you an extreme softie and subject to overwhelming emotion over the smallest of things.

Each child started with “I like Mia….” Some stopped there, others wrote additional notes (with teacher’s help, after all they are only in kindergarten).

Overall, I think you’ll feel as warm and fuzzy I as I did, reading through the pages.

  • I like Mia – Dean
  • I like Mia the best – Naima
  • She is my best friend – Emily
  • I like Mia, this is Mia’s cat – Katya
  • Mia is an angel – Amelie
  • She is nice – Logan
  • I like Mia, this is Mia’s garden – Jill
  • Mia is nice and sweet – Alyssa
  • I like Mia, she is a fun friend to have – Mrs. Chappelle
  • Mia is sweet. I love Mia. Mia is awesome. – Gabi (her second grade reading buddy)
  • She is so nice – Allie
  • Mia is pretty – Vivi
  • Mia is a very nice friend – Lyla
  • Mia is beautiful – Deavan
  • I like Mia (draws picture with Mia swimming in a pot of gold) – Wyatt
  • I love Mia – Chloe
  • I like Mia, this is a hot rod – Carter
  • I like Mia, I like Mia’s cat – Carys
  • She is nice – Deven
  • I love you – Aspen
  • She is really nice, I love her – Audrey
  • Mia is beautiful – Makayla
  • Mia is the best hula dancer – Camryn

Honest little voices, sharing what they like about my girl.

I mean, who wouldn’t love getting a list of things your peers like about you. I know I would.

With so much sadness, pain, and disfunction in the world, isn’t it nice for just a moment to appreciate why we like each other to begin with?


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