everything she needed to know about kite flying she learned from charlie brown

You blockhead! I should have known. What kind of a person tries to fly a kite in the middle of winter? You will never get that kite to fly. Why? Because you’re Charlie Brown! – Lucy Van Pelt

It was a beautiful February day. Almost eighty degrees with a light breeze. No snow. No rain. No clouds. Just warm Californian sunshine. The girls had been begging to fly their kites and today was the perfect day.

I packed the car with our beach stuff; towels, extra clothes, and sand toys. Carefully, tucked two butterfly kites into the trunk and we were off! We lunched at our favorite restaurant, then headed down to the beach.

This particular Sunday was the kind of day where a kite will just float up onto the breeze. No running. No effort. Just stand, hold, and enjoy flying your kite.

I handed Mia her string and lifted her kite into the wind. It ascended up into the sky immediately. Her tiny hands wrapped tightly around the plastic string holder. She squealed with excitement, as it tugged and pulled in the wind.

“MOMMY, I’M DOING IT!” she shouted.  Her orange butterfly fluttered, swooped, and hovered in the bright winter sun. She held on tight, her toes sinking deep into the soft warm sand.

We had recently watched the new Charlie Brown movie and are fans of all the specials, so the girls knew all about Charlie Brown’s kite deficiencies. And for some reason, Ava thought his technique was a good one and despite the perfect wind, she insisted on running to get the kite up in the air.

In Ava’s mind, everything she needed to know about kite flying, she learned from Charlie Brown. Although, we were fortunate not have any kite eating trees nearby, her kite flying efforts were futile. Everything that could wrong with using the Charlie Brown technique, did, which made for a sad earth bound kite.

Ava took off running, the kite swooped low, bumped across the sand, and laid lazily on the ground. She ran up and down the beach with the kite dragging along the shore line. After several failed attempts, she gave up on Charlie Brown (good grief) and took my advice. The simple, stand and hold technique. No running start required.

Hanging tightly onto her kite string,  I lifted the butterfly into the air. Joyful at finally flying her first kite, she stood there for a long time, marveling at her accomplishment.

Such a simple joy; flying kites. Smiles and happiness, all wrapped up in a brightly colored plastic butterfly. Charlie Brown may not have be able to fly a kite, but he certainly inspired the girls to do it. And that dear readers, is all that matters.

Little kite, little kite,

High in the sky,

Reaching for stars 

You float and you fly.

Little kite, little kite,

Coloring big blue,

Butterfly wings open

My heart, happy and true.

– February 18, 2016 by Megan Maxwell-Bey


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